tesa® 7475 Silicon Coatings Charactersation Test Tape – Transparent – 25mm x 50m Roll






Test tapes for the characterisation of silicone coatings

Available in Packs of 36 Rolls


Product Features

tesa® 7475 and 7476 are especially designed for the characterisation of silicone coated liners. A typical test method represents FINAT 10 and FINAT 11.

For a comprehensive characterisation of release properties it is recommended to use both tapes.

tesa® 7475 features a typical modified acrylic adhesive to record the interaction of a silicone and an acrylic adhesive.

Additionally it shows a significant interaction with SiH Groups for measurement of the grade of curing of a silicone by measuring the subsequent adhesion according FINAT 11.

tesa® 7476 features a typical rubber adhesive to characterise the interaction between a silicone and a rubber adhesive. Both tapes feature a significant adhesion even to easy-release silicone coatings to provide reproducible measurements.

To characterise the test tapes themselves it is recommended to use their adhesion to steel.

Main Applications
test tapes for the characterisation of silicone coatings

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