tesa® 64044 Heavy Duty Packaging Tape – Brown – 50mm x 66m Roll






Carton sealing tape for cartons containing very heavy or hazardous goods

Available in Packs of 36 Rolls


Product Features

tesa® 64044 PV 2 is based on a very strong PP-backing with a special high tack water based acrylic adhesive mass.

The very high tack of the adhesive provides a good immediate seal after application.

Even heavy boxes or boxes with multiflute cardboard with high flap tension can be closed safely.

The product has the following additional features:

  • Low noise unwinding.
  • Excellent good ageing resistance.
  • It can be used on all common hand dispensers and machines.

As the product is chlorine free and based on derivatives of mineral oil only, disposal incineration is environmental friendly.

The process of cardboard waste recycling will not be affected by tesa® 64044 PV 2 as confirmed by leading recycling companies and paper mills.

Main Applications
tesa® 64044 PV 2 is designed to close very heavy cartons or boxes with hazardous content.
The tensile strength and elongation characteristics of the backing make the product resistant to high shock impacts.


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