tesa® 60153 Adhesion Promoter Fast Cure – 1 Litre Can






Fast-curing surface treatment to improve adhesion to various substrates

Available in packs of 4 Cans

*** ONLY £60.00 PER CAN **

Product description

tesa® Adhesion Promoter 60153 Fast Cure can be used to improve the adhesion of tesa’s superior pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes (especially tesa® ACXplus) on various substrates including PP/EPDM, which is very common in the automotive Industry. The UV-traceability of this adhesion promoter allows easy quality control during the application process.

Main applications

This adhesion promoter is recommended for PP/EPDM, even on ribbed surfaces, which are often found on components/parts within the automotive industry. This product can be used to significantly improve the bonding strength of tesa® ACXplus tapes (testing shows significantly higher peel adhesion values).

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