tesa® 51235 Robust Tear Strip Tape – Red – 4mm x 20000m Roll






tesa® 51235 Robust tear tape with co-extruded backing

Available in single rolls


Product Features

tesa® 51235 is a self-adhesive tensilised polypropylene tear strip with a synthetic rubber adhesive system.

Due to a co-extruded PP/PE backing tesa® 51235 exhibits an excellent and unique tear performance despite it’s relatively low thickness. Additionally the elastic component in the special PP-film allows an angled tear as well.

tesa® 51235 with a low and highly constant unwinding power is recommended for fast unwinding on all common dispensers in an automatic industrial application process.

The PE layer of the backing works as a shield which protects the PP layer of the tear strip against possible negative influences of the box manufacturing process

Main Applications

  • tear of packaging made of medium and heavy grades of solid cardboard
  • tear of packaging made of two-ply corrugated board

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