tesa® 4668 All Weather PE Repair Tape – Transparent – 50mm x 33m Roll


Very strong 110 mirco transparent polyethylene tape

Available in Packs of 18 Rolls


Product Features

tesa® 4668 is a polyethylene tape based on a transparent 110µm PE film and an acrylic adhesive.

tesa® 4668 is a very strong tape for a wide range of applications, often used for splicing of LDPE films in construction and house building.


  • excellent UV resistance
  • strong, ageing-resistant adhesive
  • weather and waterproof
  • good abrasion resistance
  • very good resistance to solvents
  • approved by the Swedish Institute for Technical Approval in Contruction (SITAC) for splicing of polyethylene film in constructions

Main Applications

  • Repairing of plastic materials both indoors and outdoors
  • Repairing of greenhouses
  • Sealing of plastic bags
  • Splicing of filmic vapour barrier materials
  • Especially designed for splicing of LDPE film in construction and house building