tesa® 4593 High Temp Crossweave Filament Tape Transparent – 50mm x 50m Roll






tesa® 4593 is a UV, high temperature and ageing resistant transparent  cross filament tape

Available in Packs of 18 Rolls



Product Features
tesa® 4593 is a special bidirectional filament tape based on glass filaments laminated to polyester film.
tesa® 4593 combines good longitudinal tensile strength with very low elongation.
The tape is tear resistant.

The unique acrylic adhesive system allows the product to have:

  • UV resistance
  • High temperature resistance (up to 150°C short term)
  • High ageing resistance
Main Applications
Transport securing, fixing, bundling, palletising and end-tabbing applications which require UV, high temeprature or ageing resistance. Especially suitable for permanent fixing in the furniture industry and outdoor applications.

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