VC331966 19mm x 66m x 1.00mm Thickness Tape






Available in packs of 8 rolls

*** ONLY £62.50 PER ROLL ***

Product description

VC331966 is a deep black acrylic foam tape for exterior attachment part mounting.
Its outstanding cold shock resistance is based on a modified acrylic foam core, which assures a reliable bond even at extreme low temperatures. Being visco-elastic, optimally absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads. This exceptional capability enables the tape to compensate for extreme physical stress caused by different thermal elongation of bonded parts in rapidly changing temperatures.


  • Visco-elastic acrylic foam core to compensate for different thermal elongation of bonded parts
  • Excellent cold shock performance
  • Deep black colour for enhanced appearance and high design flexibility
  • Closed cell acrylic foam core for reliable sealing to prevent water penetration
  • High humidity and UV resistance

Main applications

Permanent exterior mounting of

  • Body side moldings and decorative trims
  • Emblems
  • Spoilers
  • Antennas
  • Pillar appliques

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