Safety Walk General Purpose Black 50mm x 18.3m






Safety Walk General Purpose Black 50mm x 18.3m –

Available in Packs of 2 Rolls


Ref: S/WGP50BK

Anti slip tapes have a coarse gritty surface that provides grip on otherwise slippery footings. Often used on outside steps and metal decking that may become very slippery when wet or icy The tape is also available in a softer ‘resilient’ grade which is comfortable for bare feet in wet rooms and pool facilities. Many other widths and specialised types available; please call for details The tape should be applied to a clean and dry surface. Please see our Surface Preparation guide for instructions how to get strong and reliable surface adhesion.

It is advisable to use an edge sealer to prevent the leading edge of the material lifting under use.

** ONLY £69.50 PER ROLL **

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