PIB Self Amalgamating Tape A117 – 25mm X 10m Rolls






PIB Self Amalgamating Tape A117 – 25mm X 10m Roll

Available in Packs of 36 Rolls

**ONLY £6.98 PER ROLL**

Ref: A1172510

Self Amalgamating tape is constructed from polyisobutyl rubber (PIB) and has the unusual property of welding to itself. Commonly used for waterproofing coaxial cable connections and similar electrical junctions. The tape comes as a non-sticky soft black rubber ribbon on a reel. To apply the tape it must be stretched out to several times its original length. This exposes the PIB rubber surface. The tape is then wound in overlapping turns over the joint while under tension. It will appear to stick to itself instantly. What really happens is that the tape melts into itself and amalgamates into one solid piece. The combination of its elasticity clamping the tape tightly to the joint, and self-amalgamation turning the tape into one piece makes for a very tight and water resistant seal. As the tape does not contain any adhesive it can be easily removed by cutting without leaving any residue

*** ONLY £6.98 PER ROLL ***

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