Moldex 3255 Air Pleated Filter FFP3 Non Reuseable Valved Mask – Size S






 The uniquely developed Series 3000 Air from Moldex offers extremely low breathing resistance and therefore increased performance of both mask and wearer. 

Sold in Boxes of 120 units.

*** ONLY £5.32 PER UNIT ***

Conforms to both the PPE directive EN149:2001 and the Medical directive EN14683:2005. In addition to providing respiratory protection for the wearer, these masks prevent particles (droplets) being expelled by the wearer, therefore protecting other people and the environment from contamination. Available in TWO sizes for optimum fit. The unique pleated filter technology offers extremely low breathing resistance with no need for a valve. These masks are individually bagged and Latex + PVC Free. Conforms to both the PPE directive EN149: 2001 and the Medical directive EN14683: 2005. FFP3 protection against harmful and toxic dusts, mists and fumes 20 x WEL (Workplace Exposure Limits).

The mask is non-reuseable and has passed the Dolomite clogging test for better breathing resistance over a longer period.

Click here for the Government Guidelines or please contact us to discuss your specific requirements 

Sold in Boxes of 120 units.

***ONLY £5.32 PER UNIT ***

** FFP2:protection from firm and fluid kinds of dust, smoke, and aerosols. These particles may be fibrogenic,which means they irritate the respiratory system in the short term and can result in reduction of elasticity of pulmonary tissue in the long term. Please contact Austen Instant Tapes Ltd for full details 

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