3M VHB Surface Cleaner IPA – 100 Sachets






3M VHB Surface Cleaner IPA – 100 Sachets

Available in 6 Packs of 100 Sachets



VHB Cleaner is a very pure solution of Isopropyl alcohol in water. It is colourless, has very little odour, and evaporates very quickly leaving no residue. It will remove most light contamination (grease, dirt) efficiently without affecting the substrate. It is recommended that all substrates are wiped in one direction with IPA immediately before tape application. This is to remove any airborne dust, fingerprints, moisture etc. The cleaner is available in litre bottles for use with a lint free wipe, and in sealed sachets containing an impregnated wipe (similar to ‘wet wipes’) for handy use on site. The vapour is flammable and appropriate precautions should be taken.

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