3M GPH-110F – Acrylic Foam Tape – 25mm X 33m Roll – Grey






Acrylic Foam Tape – 3M GPH-110F 25mm X 33m Roll – Grey

Available in packs of 7 rolls

** ONLY £30.98 PER ROLL **

Ref: GPH-110F2533

3M VHB GPH -110 is a general purpose high temperature grey conformable double coated acrylic foam tape with a high initial tack and soft foam. This tape has a 3M branded red filmic liner.

The excellent temperature performance enables bonding of materials prior to processing in a powder coating line and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

GPH-110 has the capability to bond to a variety of substrates and makes it a good fit for multi material bonding i.e. most metals and plastics (Polyamide, PMMA, ABS). Typically used in metal working and signage markets.

** ONLY £30.98 PER ROLL **

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