3M DP8407NS Acrylic Metal Bonder Acrylic Adhesive 45ml Two Part Tube






3M DP8407NS Acrylic Metal Bonder Adhesive 45ml – Two Part – . High impact strength, resists shock impacts well.

Available in Packs of 12

Only £29.50 Per Tube

This special formulation provides very good durability on metal substrates (including bare steel, copper. brass, bronze and galvanised steel), even when exposed to high temperatures and humidity environments. Dp8407NS also gives good adhesion to many plastics and slightly oily surfaces.

Key features of the DP8407NS:

1. Toughened – Provides very good peel strength.

2. Fast, strong cure – Achieves structural strength in 28-32 minutes! No waiting around for jobs to set off.

3. 18 month shelf life at normal room temperature – No need to throw away unused tubes that have gone off in storage.

4. Contains glass beads (0.010″ diameter) to control bond line thickness

5. High Temperature Tolerance – Suitable for both pre- and post- powder coating


3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Acrylic Adhesive DP8407NS is a two-part non-sag, toughened MMA-based adhesive. 10:1 mix ratio, 5-7 minute work life and handling strength in approximately 22-26 minutes

*** ONLY £29.50 PER TUBE *** 

Available in Packs of 12

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