3M DP609 Scotch-Weld™ Polyurethane Adhesive – Polyurethane – Cream, 48.5 ml Duo-pack Cartridges






This structural adhesive has enough cohesive strength and creep resistance to permanently bond high-strength materials and it has the potential to replace mechanical and fusion fastening in many applications.

Sold in 12 per pack

*** ONLY £20.25 PER CARTRIDGE ***

Especially for plastics and wood. Good peel strength, viscosity and flexibility. Minimal flow.

Shear Strength -55°C – 17.5, +23°C – 14.0, +82°C – 2.1

Nozzle Standard Mix Ratio (B:A) 1:1

Work Life (mins) 7-9

Time to Handling Strength 30 Full Cure (days) 2

Viscosity at 27°C (Cps) (A+B) 55,000

Peel Strength (N/cm) 35

Colour Cream

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