3M DP490 Scotch-Weld™ EPX Epoxy Adhesive – 50ml Duo-Pak Cartridge – Black






DP490 is a black, thixotropic, gap filling two component epoxy adhesive with particularly good application characteristics. It is designed for use where toughness and high strength are required.

Available in packs of 12 units

**OUR PRICE – £32.10 PER UNIT**


High temperature resistance up to 120oC. High resistance to impact and outstanding stability under static and dynamic loads. Very good strength and aging characteristics. Thixotropic formulation enables easy application to vertical surfaces. It shows special benefits in the construction of composite assemblies. The product has excellent heat and environmental resistance. It is black and is available in Duo-Pak cartridges of 50ml.

Shear Strength -55°C – 31.6, +23°C – 28.6, +82°C – 11.8

Nozzle Standard

Mix Ratio (B:A) 2:1

Work Life (mins) 180

Time to Handling Strength 240-360

Full Cure (days) 7

Viscosity at 27°C (Cps) (A+B) Thixotropic

Peel Strength (N/cm) 43

Colour Black

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