tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive tape with products for industrial and professional applications. Austen Direct are a tesa Platinum Distributor and offer a range of tesa tapes on our website, including tesa ACX Double Sided Tapes, Foam Tapes, Rubber Tapes, Packaging and Masking Tapes. There are many applications for tesa double sided adhesive tapes and they offer many advantages. For example, there is no need to allow for curing before the next production stage potentially improving productivity.tesa® double sided tapes are available with a variety of carriers, such as filmic (e.g. polyester, polypropylene or PVC); PE, PE/EVA or PUR foam, cloth, non-woven tissue) and transfer tapes (no carrier). These are combined with different adhesives each with their own specific characteristics. Modified and pure acrylic adhesives as well as natural rubber and synthetic rubber adhesives are all used.tesa® have a speciality range of products suitable for the Door and Window Industry, and we can provide you with these even if not listed online.

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High performance double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives are suitable for outdoor applications and offer very good resistance to UV light, water and ageing. tesa has an extensive range of masking tapes which cover many applications including general purpose masking, wet painting, stencilling and sandblasting to high temperature masking for applications such as powder coating and printed circuit board manufacture. Generally the nature of the application, the paint or coating system and temperature at which it dries or cures determines the required characteristics a masking tape, such as the type of paper backing used e.g. creped, flatback or filmic, as well as the adhesive. Rubber adhesives are primarily used but when temperatures reach above 160°C a silicone adhesive is required. For some masking applications such as sandblasting, temperature resistance isn’t a prerequisite. In this case a strong, thick backing which is resistant to an abrasive under high pressure is vital; but the masking tapes must also be able to be removed cleanly, without leaving residues and without damaging the substrate it is masking.

Please find below a selection of our mainstream tesa® products. Should you not find what you are looking for please contact us on 01892  832141 to discuss your specific requirements and one of our experienced technical staff will assist you in providing the precise product for your needs.

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