tesa® Double Sided Tapes

Austen Direct provide a comprehensive range of tesa Double Sided Tapes for a wide range of applications for many industrial and home uses.tesa Double Sided Tapes for Industrial Applicationstesa double sided tapes are used for fixing and bonding in many manufacturing industries. These include automotive for trim, treadplate, badge and emblem mounting; Double sided splicing tapes are also used in paper, newsprint and corrugated board production. There are no weak spots as with screws and rivets as stresses are evenly distributed across the bonded area and no health and safety considerations as with welding. Double sided tapes are simple to use and can also be presented in specific die-cut shapes to aid more precise application.So whether to apply decorative trim and mirrors to smooth surfaces, fix electronic components, mount signs or lay carpeting, permanent double sided tape and double sided mounting tape from tesa is always the right choice.Below are just some of the double sided tapes we supply in tesa’s extensive assortment of double sided tapes. Should you not find the precise tape you are looking for or would like advice on the best tape for your application, please contact Austen Instant Tapes on 01892 83 21 41 and one of our experienced staff will be pleased to help you.

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