Star Acrylics

3M Scotch-Weld Star Structural Acrylics are the next generation of structural acrylics. An innovative range of structural acrylic adhesives with unique, new features:-1. Very Low Odour – This class of adhesive can give off an unpleasant odour while curing. This new adhesive is virtually odour-free making it much more pleasant for your operators to use.2. Fast, strong cure – Achieves structural strength in less than 10 minutes! No waiting around for jobs to set off.3. 18 month shelf life at normal room temperature – No need to throw away unused tubes that have gone off in storage.4. Non-Sag – Thixotropic properties reduce drip and subsequent clean-up time5. Doesn’t get hot when curing – Low heat output on curing does not leave show through ‘witness marks’ on most substrates.6. High Impact Strength – Not ‘glassy’ like some adhesives, resists sharp shocks well.7. High Temperature Tolerance – Suitable for both pre- and post- powder coating

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