Differentiation In A Me-Too Marketplace

Austen Direct are suppliers of Moldex® respiratory protection products. They don’t just look different, they are different. They’re user friendly. They’re easy to put on and fit. The contoured shape of Moldex® respirators doesn’t require constant adjustment and they resist collapsing in heat and humidity. Avoid premature disposal and save money with Moldex® respirators. Moldex® also has the only complete line of PVC-Free® respiratory products.

You’ll see specifics about patented Moldex® technologies like their Dura-Mesh® shell that naturally contours to the face, our EZ-ON®, the first NIOSH approved N95 single strap adjustable respirator, and their HandyStrap®, with buckle, which allows the mask to comfortably hang down around the user’s neck when not in use.

The soft, durable facepiece of their 8000 Series Half-Mask Reusable Respirator conforms to the contours of your face without pressure points to provide long lasting comfort. A low profile design provides a field of vision larger than any other respirator. Facepiece has no gaskets or yoke so there are fewer parts to maintain and to inventory, which means more cost savings. Choose from ready-to-use, assembled models with cartridges and filters, or individual cartridges, filters and facepieces.

Disposable Respirators

  • 100% PVC-Free®.
  • regular use and even under hot and humid conditions.
  • Contour molded nose bridge with a soft foam nose cushion provides added comfort and allows the mask to seal easily and comfortably without a metal nose band.
  • Superior comfort, durability and compliance at the lowest overall cost.

Re-usable Respirators

  • 100% PVC-Free®.
  • Prepackaged assemblies for the most common applications.
  • The extra wide surface seals easily and stays sealed even when talking.
  • Each cartridge comes with a new inhalation valve and features a snap-in mount that eliminates mis-threading.

Due to the Coronavirus situation we are sorry to announce that we are currently unable to supply any Moldex products due to the fact that they are manufactured in Germany and the German government has banned export of PPE from the country at the moment. We will update you as soon as we have any more news.

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