Waterproof Cloth Tapes

Waterproof cloth tape goes under many names; 'Gaffer tape', 'Duck tape', 'Duct tape', 'Waterproof Cloth tape', 'PCL tape', 'Tank tape', 'Riggers tape', '100 mile an hour tape' etc. Originally used by the military for sealing ammunition boxes it has become ubiquitous in almost every kind of industry and has even been used on the moon. It is made by coating a linen cloth with a very tacky white rubber adhesive on one side and then laminating a polythene film to the other side. It comes in a variety of grades and finishes according to the intended use. Due to the precise nature of the business of our customers, our website only lists our mainstream products. Austen Instant Tapes Ltd also stock and can supply a large variety of other tapes and products not listed on our website. Should you not find the exact product you are looking for, or need advice, please contact us on 01892 322141 and one of our experienced staff will help you choose the correct product for you individual requirements. For your reassurance:- We are Authorised Distributors for 3M Industrial Products, Tesa Industry Partners, and Advance Tapes Int. distributors, amongst many others. There are less than 10 other companies in the UK with similar specialist supplier approvals. We are subject to constant assessment by 3M and the others, who can (and do) delete distributors who do not meet their very high standards.