Product Selection Guides

Adhesive transfer tapes are specialised versions of double sided tapes. They are pure adhesive without any carrier.

The pure high quality adhesive is carried on a siliconised paper liner. The tape can be applied by hand like regular double sided tape or by using a pistol grip tape gun; the ATG Tape Dispenser. Once the silicon paper is removed a strip of pure adhesive is left behind.

ATT tapes have the advantage of producing an extremely thin but very strong bond line. The lack of a tape carrier means the adhesive is less expensive than an equivalent conventional double sided tape.

ATT Tapes are widely used in Nameplate, Trophy, Badgemaking, Sign Mounting, Print Finishing and Folder making, many other volume manufacturing environments.  There are many more types of ATT available for specialised applications including electrically conductive tapes for use in component manufacture. Please call us for advice. The ATG tape gun allows very fast accurate application of thin strips of double sided adhesive and is very popular with Print Finishers and other high volume users.

ATT tape requires that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth and flat and meet without any gaps. To bond textured surfaces or mismatched surfaces refer to our Double Sided Tape section.

Single sided tapes designed for sealing boxes and packages. Stronger tapes may be used for export packaging and edge reinforcement, generally applied using a pistol grip dispenser desktop dispenser or automatic machinery.

Polypropylene carrier tapes are the most economical and are popular in very high volume applications. No noise tapes have a modified adhesive that elimates the ripping noise hot melt glues make as the tape is unwound. Vinyl tapes perform the best of all; they unwind quietly and have better adhesive properties due to the solvent based rubber adhesive used.

We have a large range of manual and automatic dispensers available please call for details.

A range of very high specification tapes with wide uses in Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, Construction, Marine and General Industrial markets.

3M tapes are exceptionally consistent in quality and specification and available worldwide. They are very often the recommended product for machinery repair and maintenance. Most tapes can be converted to a variety of widths and shapes on request.

Surface preparation is by far the most important factor, after using the correct adhesive, in achieving a strong and lasting bond between two surfaces. Virtually all unexpected bond failures we have heard about have been traced back to inefficiencies in this area.

There are three stages to surface preparation;

1; Remove any loose contamination. This will involve using various solvents and abrasives, depending on the condition of the substrate

2; Key the surface if possible, using a micro-abrasive such as Scotchbrite

3; Prime the surface if necessary using a primer or specialised surface treatment.

Please see our selection guide on surface preparation.

REMEMBER the adhesive sticks to the SURFACE of the material. If the surface is greasy, or dusty, or loose filaments, or flaking off, the bond will fail.

Thin double sided tapes. These tapes have a clear plastic or tissue paper centre, coated with an adhesive layer on both sides. The tape has a siliconised paper or film liner seperating the layers. These products are our general purpose double sided tapes mostly for use on light to medium stength applications.

For high strength bonding with double sided tape you should refer to our VHB tape section.

A wide range of exceptionally strong double-sided tapes. 3M VHB (Very High Bond) is acknowledged as the strongest adhesive tape variety in the world. It is now used in a vast range of applications where strength, reliability, and long term performance is required. 3M VHB is constructed from a strip of pure acrylic adhesive made to 3M's proprietary formula. This adhesive has the ability to stick extremely well to most surfaces. The adhesive will not become brittle or lose its strength over many tens of years and has a wide tolerance of temperatures. As the adhesive never hardens it is able to deform and stretch to a remarkable degree without the bond breaking.

This is especially useful for joints between different materials, where one material may expand or contract more than the other. The flexibility also allows VHB™ to be used in applications where the joint may be subject to shock loads and vibration such as in vehicle body and aerospace applications. In many cases VHB™ can outperform conventional mechanical fixings such as screws and rivets. This is because the joint can be made without drilling holes in the surfaces to be joined. The load on the joint is spread across a relatively large area, thus minimising the chance of fatigue cracking around a small point.                                                               

The VHB™ range comprises a wide variety of thicknesses, colours, and special types of tape. These tapes are often converted into self adhesive shapes and gaskets for use in component manufacture.

Please contact us if you need to discuss any special applications.

The VHB tape guide shows the standard range and the most popular applications for VHB™. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular job -we have decades of experience in supplying tapes for industrial uses.